Mayfair Steel & Aluminium

Mayfair Steel & Aluminium adds style, security and safety to homes and businesses with our steel, aluminium and stainless steel solutions.

We specialise in designing, fabricating, and installing standard to standout products for the residential and commercial markets.

From affordable metal products for around the home, one-off statements for high-end projects, to bulk orders for commercial projects, we’ve got it covered.

As a manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, we know our specialist metals. We’ve handled jobs of all types and sizes supplying ready-made to customised products, and fulfilling major project and white-label orders. We work as a preferred supplier and project partner with homeowners, other local businesses, builders, trade contractors and architects.

Our residential and commercial products range from gates and fences, screens and awnings, stair stringers and balustrading, bollards and security card readers through to signs and enclosures.

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QBCC Licence Number 1080190